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Can’t forget that Fragrance

It’s not severe… But I think I was 7 or 6 years old then. I remember we were living in a face me I face you then, he was staying with his brother who was our neighbour at the time and he was a friend to my older brother.
One day, he asked to go buy him something (biscuits I guess) I bought it and he waited at the backyard for me to come give it to him and when I did, he suddenly carried me to an uncompleted building, took off my skirt and applied some hair cream in my Virgina…. I still remember the fragrance of that hair cream till today and I don’t like it.
I don’t even remember if he only fingered me or even did other things but I do remember him touching me. I never told anyone not even my mom.

Few years ago I started opening up and talking to someone people about it and I’ve been healing… Apart from the fragrance of that hair cream,I have almost forgotten everything…

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