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Daddy’s Friend

When I gained admission to the school. My parents took me to a Professor in my faculty who is their friend. They said I should be going to visit him whenever I am free in school.One day, I went there and the Professor violently touched my breast. I had to force my way out of […]

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Dr. Teacher

My primary school teacher at the time would play doctor with the whole class, we were in primary 2 or 3, we were 7 in the class,all girls,just one boy and he’ll put his finger in me when it’s my turn to see the “doctor ” I don’t know if he did it with the

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Inside Bus

I was in a bus going to school– Lasu– when a guy sat beside me. I didn’t give it much thought and just continued to get lost in my music. My thoughts were all over the place and the next thing I know, I could feel movements over my clothing like a hand was just

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I was young and naive

Hmmmm😪😪😪 it’s really hard for me to say this, but I want to, because I don’t know if it was my fault or not. 😎 All I wanted was to to be his brother friend but he took advantage of me because I was young and nerve to know my right or wrongs 🤦. Instead

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Violated at 6

I was six, just six years old when I was violently raped and striped of my honour and dignity, now I’m twenty-two and my parents had no idea. How would they know? They were always busy!. Now I’m ruined! I hate boys and men with all the strength within me. I don’t even have affection

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I won’t let them win

You know I’ve had different experiences1) I don’t remember the age, but I know it was before I was in year 2, that’s primary 2 , so it definitely happened before I was six, I was at our neighbours house playing when their elder brother came in and did some inappropriate things to me, it

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Unwanted Advances

I have experienced sexual harassment in my school and in my class to be precise. I was one of my course mates that harassed me. That day, we sat side by side in class while a lecture was going on. Then, I noticed that in everything he did, he made sure his hand touched my

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It happened when I needed a lecturer’s assistance in a course I borrowed by mistake.  Then, the lecturer assisting me asked me to come to his office and he started touching me in an unholy manner. So, I had to excuse myself ! Unfortunately,  I, failed the course because I refused his offer.

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The Emotional Manipulation

I want to share my experience on Emotional manipulation. I am someone who has low self esteem, really really low self-esteem and I don’t believe in myself at all.I’m also 17years old.These pieces of information may be useful in my narration. I met this guy on WhatsApp. He got my contact from a group and

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