Dr. Olawunmi Oni-Buraimoh

Dr Olawunmi Oni-Buraimoh is an Associate Professor in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Lagos State University. Her research works are mostly in the areas of Pragmatics, African popular culture, Gender and Youth studies. In all, her research triangulates three separate fields of the humanistic sciences—Linguistics, Sociology and Cultural Studies. As an alumnus of the Department of English, she has served as the student association staff Adviser and level adviser at different times.  She has been involved in activities that empower women and Girls in Lagos State through her NGO (Women and Girls Empowerment Foundation International (WOGEFI). Her NGO provides a platform where women and girls are able to articulate their concerns in different aspects of life. In 2021, she started a programme –“Hanging Out with Dr Riches” which holds every 14th of February. The event allows students (Male and female) to interact with invited lecturers in a relaxed atmosphere. These lecturers share their experiences with students and the students are allowed to ask questions pertaining to life experiences on campus. Dr Olawunmi Oni-Buraimoh is highly accessible and relates well with youths in different circumstances.

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