Her Story

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Daddy’s Friend

When I gained admission to the school. My parents took me to a Professor in my faculty who is their friend. They said I should be going to visit him...

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Dr. Teacher

My primary school teacher at the time would play doctor with the whole class, we were in primary 2 or 3, we were 7 in the class,all girls,just one boy...

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Inside Bus

I was in a bus going to school– Lasu– when a guy sat beside me. I didn’t give it much thought and just continued to get lost in my music....

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I was young and naive

Hmmmm😪😪😪 it’s really hard for me to say this, but I want to, because I don’t know if it was my fault or not. 😎 All I wanted was to...

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Violated at 6

I was six, just six years old when I was violently raped and striped of my honour and dignity, now I’m twenty-two and my parents had no idea. How would...

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