Unwanted Advances

I have experienced sexual harassment in my school and in my class to be precise. I was one of my course mates that harassed me. That day, we sat side by side in class while a lecture was going on. Then, I noticed that in everything he did, he made sure his hand touched my body. At first, he put his hand on the chair and I felt his touch;  so, I adjusted and he started making more moves. I didn’t say a word when he started because I thought it was just a mistake but when he rubbed his hand on me,  I was pissed off  and  I voiced out. I told him what I have been noticing and I immediately warned him not to lay even the tip of his finger on me again. This boy said something that shocked me till today. He said, “Some people are begging to be touched, some people are paying to be touched.” If you are seeing this as a girl, please, know that you have a right to your own body. Do not allow one of the unashamed guys out there take advantage of you!.

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